RF Coaxial Adapter: N-601-TGN

RF Coaxial Adapter: N-601-TGN
  • RF Coaxial Adapter: N-601-TGN
Schmid-M: RF Coaxial Connector N Adapter male-male Huber Suhner 32_ N-50-0-1/133NE 22542398 ~ Rosenberger 53S101-S00N5 ~ Amphenol 82-100-RFX , 80-100
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Schmid-M: RF Coaxial Connectors N: N series coaxial connectors are medium-sized, threaded coupling connectors designed for use form DC to 12.4 GHz. Their consistently low broadband -VSWR have made them popular over the years in many applications. The N series connector is impedance matched to 50 ohm cables. Cable terminations are available in crimp, clamp and solder configurations. The threaded coupling ensures proper mating in applications where shock and extreme vibration are design considerations. N connectors are used in aerospace, broadcast, audio and video applications as well as many microwave components such as filters, couplers, dividers, amplifiers and attenuators to name a few.
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