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Complaint Policy and Procedure

General Provisions
The Complaint Policy and Procedure of the company ATD Elektronik s.r.o. shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil Code of the Czech Republic, namely Act No. 89/2012 Sb. and Act No. 634/1992 on Consumer Protection, as amended. The Complaint Policy and Procedure applies to Goods for which liability for defects is claimed (hereinafter “Complains”).

The Seller is the company ATD Elektronik s.r.o., seated in Luženice 10, Domažlice, zip code 344 01, registered in the commercial register managed by the Regional Court in Plzeň, reference number C 4623. The Seller is an entrepreneur in the sense of Section 420 of Act No. 89/2012 Sb. registered under the IČO 49788507 in the full extent of business or selfemployed activity.

Under the Section 419 of the Act 89/2012 Sb., the Consumer is every person who concludes a Contract or otherwise deals with the Seller outside of his business or self-employed activities.

A buying customer who does not meet the definition of a Consumer is an Entrepreneur in the sense of Section 420 of Act No. 89/2012 Sb. A person acting on behalf of an entrepreneur is also regarded as an entrepreneur.

A Buyer can be either a Consumer or an Entrepreneur.
The Complaint Policy and Procedure applies to Goods for which liability for defects is claimed by the Buyer within the warranty period. Upon receipt of the Goods from a staff member of the Seller or a third party (Shipper), the Buyer is obliged to examine the Goods immediately in the presence of the staff member concerned. Such examination includes making sure no item of the Goods is missing. Later Complaints of damaged Goods may not be accepted by the Seller.

Obligations of the Buyer upon receipt of the Goods
If obvious defects, i.e. all defects detectable upon receipt of the Goods, are detected, the Buyer is obliged to file a damage report with the Shipper of the Goods. In such cases, the Buyer is entitled not to accept the Goods.
If the Buyer chooses to accept the Goods in spite of obvious defects, they are obliged to immediately address a Complaint with the Seller. A Complaint may only be submitted jointly with a record of incompleteness or damage of the Goods during transport signed by the Shipper. All expenses and damage arising from improper or late submission of a Complaint or not filing a damage report shall be borne by the Buyer

Warranty claim policy
If defects in the Goods appear after receipt of Goods within the warranty period, the Buyer is entitled to address a Complaint.

Warranty period
Warranty period is governed by the applicable provisions of the Civil Code of the Czech Republic. For a Consumer, the warranty period is 24 months, with exceptions governed by the relevant laws and regulations. Warranty period for Entrepreneurs shall be governed as stipulated in the Contract.
Warranty period for Consumers shall be automatically extended by the warranty repair period. In case of replacement of the defective Goods with new ones, a new warranty of 24 months or until the end of the original warranty period is provided to the Consumer.

Complaint Procedure
The Buyer needs to provide a proof of the Goods’ origin by presenting a receipt or a guarantee certificate for the purchased Goods (or other reliable proof), for a warranty claim to be accepted.
The Complaint including removal of the defect must be processed without delay and not later than 30 days since the claim was addressed.
After the expiration of the legal period, the Buyer is entitled to the same rights as one who purchased Goods with an irreparable defect.

Sending Goods for Repair
It is in the best interest of the Buyer to use appropriate packaging suitable for transportation of the Goods in question.
Preferably, the Goods should be in the original package, or a package preventing damage during transport.
If an irreparable defect is discovered (based on a written assessment issued by experts), the Buyer is entitled to replacement of the Goods or termination of the Contract.
The warranty does not cover regular wear and tear on the Goods (or parts thereof).

Scope of Warranty and Warranty Restrictions
The warranty does not cover the following cases:
  • Damage caused by natural disasters
  • Damage caused by weather events
  • Damage caused by mechanical stress
  • Damage caused by electrostatic discharge
  • Defects caused by inappropriate handling
  • Defects caused by not adhering to the instructions for use or insufficient maintenance
  • Damage caused by connecting the component to a different electricity grid than appropriate or unprofessional component wiring (applies to electronic components)
  • The Goods having been removed from the original package (applies to all consumables and software)
  • Damage caused by adjustment or repair conducted by a third party or the Buyer themselves
  • Defects stated on the receip
A Contract concluded by the Seller and the Buyer via long distance communication technologies may be terminated pursuant to the Civil Code of the Czech Republic.

Final Provisions
Conditions of warranty specified in this Complaint Policy and Procedure apply to all business cases, unless negotiated otherwise. Other conditions and cases not specified in this Complaint Policy and Procedure shall be handled in accordance with the Civil Code of the Czech Republic and the Act on Consumer Protection.

This Complaint Policy and Procedure enters into force on September 1st, 2015. The Seller reserves the right to change any part of this policy and procedure, whilst remaining within the boundaries of the law of the Czech Republic.

Shipping Service Complaint
Goods from the company ATD Elektronik s.r.o. are delivered by Shippers who are our contractual partners and whom we have chosen with regard to both price and quality of their services. It is nevertheless still possible that the Goods you receive sustains damage during transport. In such cases, proceed as follows:
  1. Examine the Goods while the Shipper is still presen
  2. If the package is damaged (creased, torn, drenched…) immediately file a damage report with the Shipper.
  3. If the Shipper claims the Goods were not packed securely, do not mind them. ATD Elektronik s.r.o. takes special care to pack all orders so as they may be delivered safely. If any problem with the shipping service may occur, let us know on our e-mail Please write “Shipping Complain” in the subject line, describe the problem and include your contact information, the consignment number and the invoice number. We will try to resolve the problem with the Shipper and notify you with further updates. We will address all cases of damage during shipping and do our best to make shopping at ATD Elektronik as pleasant as possible.