Snap Ferrite: 28A0593-0A2

Laird: 28A0593-0A2 Ferrite Clamp On Cores CLAMP-ON d=6,75mm; 52,91x18,75x18,75mm (Impedance 25Mhz-186 Ohm; 100Mhz-407 Ohm; 300MHz-575 Ohm) SPQ:288pcs
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Laird: 28A0593-0A2 Split Ferrite cores are used to ensure electromagnetic compatibility and reduce noise or impulse interference. Snap-on / split ferrites are suitable for use on round and flat conductors. Two or more turns of the wire can increase attenuation / impedance. The final attenuation depends on the spectrum and nature of the interference. Lightweight but strong plastic case ensures reliable assembly of ferrite cores. Another advantage of the Snap-On ferrite cores is its simple and quick mounting without the need to change the layouts on PCBs or disassembly of cable harnesses.
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